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Activities in Cat Ba island

There are many exciting and relaxing things to do on Cat Ba island such as visiting Cat Ba National Park (which is mountainous and covered in rainforest), the historic Hospital Cave, Trung Trang Grotto, Viet Hai Fishing Village, Monkey Island, sunbathing on the beach, Fishing, Cannon Fort, the local market, Lan Ha Bay, Ha Long Bay etc…

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Here are some typical suggestions of your activities on the island as follow:


This trip is made in Cat Ba island for those who want to experience the great environment in Cat Ba and its eco activities by visiting, Cat Ba town, and Cat Ba national park too. Depart from your hotel in Cat Ba, then cycle to Cat Ba national park. A short trip can be done by trekking up to the view point, then back to Cat by a different path. This can be done, as a full day, half day in the morning or afternoon when staying in Cat Ba island.


Cat Ba National Park is a protected area in the world biosphere. Cat Ba, is a special national park, with a combination of many different ecosystems: evergreen forest on limestone mountains, alpine wetland forests (Frog Pond), coastal mangrove forests, waters with coral reefs near the shore, cave system with distinct characteristics of their habitats. The farming system is located between the valley as in Deep slots or residential areas. Cat Ba National Park is one of the key conservations of Cat Ba.

Cat Ba Island has been officially recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve in the sessions of the World International Council on Human coordinate programs and biosphere held in Paris, on 29/10/2004. The Cat Ba Island is a UNESCO biosphere reserve. A great thing in Cat Ba is the driving force of economic development, tourism; it promotes aquaculture, fishing and aquaculture scientific research.


-  It is so interesting to join rock climbing in Cat Ba and Lan Ha Bay. You can join a group to go rock climbing in a half day tour or full day tour. Places to go rock climbing are in some islands or at a private beach in the bay. There is a club to organize rock climbing and they will arrange easy rock climbing, medium hard or hard adventure rock climbing. This depends on your age, health and skill.


Bathing is granted when visitors join a Cat Ba tour, but out of 367 small islands here, you will have difficulty when choosing the perfect beach without much experience. From Cat Ba town center, it is not difficult for tourists to choose for them-selves a taxi or a electronic mini bus to get to the beaches; Cat Co I, Cat Co II and Cat Co III. These beaches are not too large but are unobtrusive, and have clear waters. The beaches are connected by a small road along the mountainside. Cat Co beach I, is quite extensive but often overcrowded, while the second and third grounds are narrower and more deserted. It should be noted that travelers should only go swimming at these places before 18h30, after this time one should not to ensure safe bathing because after this time, the tide rises pretty fast.


This place is just nearby Cat Ba town, you can go by motorbike, taxi, mini car… ( about 15 minutes). Here, there are cannon forts, pass battles, and some soldiers that are staying.

Sightseeing from the Fort (also known as 177 basis points) close to the beaches Cat Co I, II, III . Viewing from here, visitors can enjoy a breathtaking view of Cat Ba Island , from near to far . From the view of the deep blue sea to the bottom , the rolling mountains in the distance , until all the ships moving on the water , all of which bring the exciting colors . When dusk falls, red sun peeks out from behind the mountains to the sea painting a beautiful natural painting with sunset lights and shadows that stretch on the water vessels, always leaving a bold impression on visitors.


FISHING is the most interesting experience for tourists in the island. The highlight of this trip is the boat ridding at night time ( daily time ) as it gives you a different experience about the beauty of Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba National Park. You will also have a chance to learn more about local life and the way of fish catching in this island as it has become a traditional job in Cat Ba Island from generation to generation. Since tourism has developed in the last decade, local people still remain catching fish in a traditional way for their own need and for tourists.

7, OTHER ACTIVITIES: Car, Motorbike, bicycle Rentals…

-  Visit Cat Ba national park: it is about 20 km from Cat Ba town. You can rent a car, a motorbike or go by bicycle if you love biking. Come to the main gate, you will have to buy a entrance ticket ( 40.000 vnd ) then hike up about 45 minutes to go to a mountain top named Ngu Lam peak ( view point )

-  Visit caves: Trung Trang cave and Hospital cave... The two caves are on the main road of Cat Ba National Park. You can get in when you are on the way to Cat Ba National Park.